Company Private Stock Available

Dear Investor,

This is an opportunity for you to purchase stock on the ground floor into this new technology company which is developing the next greatest Multi-Function App. It’s a GPS + Social Media Entertainment App. Recently launched in May 2018, WYANOW APP is FREE for download on all devices and on the upwards trend in main street, local business and now big business!

Many of you are familiar with how HOT App’s can become almost overnight and just how quickly they are bought out for millions of dollars before you get a chance to evaluate a buying opportunity. Don't' miss your chance to get ahead of the curve this time during   early growth stages. We recommend to use the app on your phone and see what you think about purchasing some stock in WYA-NOW Inc today. 

Thank you for your interest and we hope you see this opportunity fitting into your investment portfolio. This is a look into the future of a New Streamlined App designed with your peace of mind at heart. 

All Our Best,

The Management Team.


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Private Stock Purchase Now Available:

Share:                             $ 1.50  per share

Minimum Buy-In:        $900 USD

Hold Period:                  2 Years

To request an Executive Summary:

Phone: +1 (888) 476-5811